Tuesday 22nd July 2014,
Harry Paterson

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Look Back in Anger On The Road
Posted On February 4, 2014 | No Comments

Firstly, in response to all the emails asking what happened to the site, I won’t bore you. Basically, for one reason or another, it went belly-up and I lost all the posts. I can’t be [...]

Why I Hate The Beatles
Posted On January 26, 2014 | 1 Comment

First published by Sabotage Times 5th October 2012 I hate The B*atles. There. I’ve said it. If that’s a little vague, ambiguous or confusing, permit me to clarify and elaborate; I loathe the Fab Four [...]

30th Anniversary Commemoration of the Miners’ Strike
Posted On January 25, 2014 | No Comments

COMMEMORATING THE 30TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE GREAT COAL STRIKE OF 1984/5 FOR JOBS, COMMUNITY AND DIGNITY  Thurs 27th Feb – Sunday 2nd March 2nd floor & Gallowgate Suite  Tyneside Irish Club Gallowgate Newcastle upon Tyne. [...]