How can you easily find new content for your blog post?

How can you easily find new content for your blog post?
Jul, 29 2023 Blogging Tips & Strategies Kieran Blackwood

Tune into the Tunes of Trending Topics

Let's let the cat roam just a little bit out of the bag - as a blogger, content creation can be as tricky as solving one of Finlay's 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles. And rest assured, those are not child's play. Many times, people ask me, "Kieran, how do you keep coming up with new stuff for your blog?" And, I just smile, ruffle my invisible writer's beard, and simply say, "I tune into the tunes of trending topics!". Now, by that, I don't mean I walk around with a radio glued to my ears, though that could add an interesting accessory to my ensemble. What I mean is keeping an eagle eye on what's happening in the virtual world.

Google Trends, Twitter hashtags, popular Reddit threads - all of these can be fabulous mines of contemporary discussions and debates. That's not to say I utilize cloud-trend phrases like 'moonshot' or 'unicorn companies' without substance. No, sir! Instead, I venture into these digital caverns to understand what is keeping people hooked, what problems they are facing, and what solutions they seek. Then I tailor my findings, weave them into words, and voila! A riveting blog post is born!

Put Your Audience Under the Microscope

This next one is as fun as it sounds - "Put Your Audience Under the Microscope". No, don't worry, I'm not encouraging any Orwellian activities. It's all about understanding your readers. Your audience is a goldmine of content ideas if you just get talking and understanding their perspectives, issues, and needs. For example, I have folks coming to my blog from various parts of the world. Each of them, just like my lovely daughter Amara, has their own unique quirks and questions. They are my driving force!

Engage in conversations with them, throw open discussions, ask for feedback. And when I say feedback, I don't just mean the 'Please tell me I'm amazing' kind. Criticisms, suggestions, and even the occasional brickbats can lead to fresh perspectives and novel ideas. To me, these nuggets of reader wisdom are priceless, and often they inspire me to translate them into blog posts.

Traveling Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Now, here's something I learnt the hard way - "Traveling Beyond Your Comfort Zone". Stepping out of my comfort zone hasn't always been my thing. I mean, who wants to walk into unknown terrain when you've got a cozy couch beckoning you right? Yet, I noticed that breaking out of my shell opened up a plethora of content avenues. For instance, have you ever considered dipping your toe into new genres, industries, or topics quite far fetched from your usual ones?

Think of it in the same way as trying a bizarre food combination that initially sounds, well, bizarre, but then grows on you. Some of the best things in life come from trying the unusual and unexpected, like dipping fries in ice cream or mixing peanut butter and pickles. It's like that with writing as well. Venturing boldly into alien territory can lead to discovering gold mines of fresh content and novel perspectives. Plus, it keeps my readers on their toes, wondering, 'What's Kieran going to pull out of his hat next?'

Everyday Life - Your Own Reality Show

Here's my final secret sauce - "Everyday life - Your Own Reality Show". Life is full of plot twists, funny moments, insightful experiences, and soul-touching emotions and these, my friends, are fantastic fodder for your blog. You know, one time, I was struggling to pen down a blog post on time management skills, when Finlay (who was supposed to have cleaned his room hours ago), looked at the colossal mess he had created and said, "Dad, I don't have time!". The irony of it hit me, but more importantly, it sparked an idea. The end result was a heartwarming, funny, and insightful post about how we sometimes underestimate tasks and misjudge time.

Of course, not all everyday life experiences have that 'aha' moment attached to them, but with a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of wit, you can spin even the simple act of getting groceries into an interesting adventure tale. You're the master of your universe here, so make it an enticing read. Moreover, it gives your readers a sneak peek into your life, making your blog posts more personal and relatable.

So there you go! From tuned-in trending topics, understanding your audience, braving new terrains, to drawing from your own reality show called life, these tips should keep your blog brimming with new content. Remember, blogging is as much about you as your readers. As long as you're having fun, your creative juices will keep flowing. So, trust your instincts, break the mold, and let the power of words work its magic!